10 January 2017

How do I... Get rid of my moustache?

I'll be blunt - most Asian women are hairy AF. One very awkward area that this hair likes to pop up is on the face, most noticeably, the upper lip area. 

Unwanted facial hair is one of those touchy beauty subjects that people don't like to discuss but needs addressing because a 'tache on a lady just ain't pretty (sorry). 

Here are three ways to remove it without losing your dignity...

If the hair on your upper lip isn't too noticeable or thick you could use a hair trimmer. They're super effective at removing the hair quickly and painlessly and personally this is my favourite method.

Ummm... okay confession time - I've never waxed, so I can't really recommend this method personally but my hairier friends swear by it because it leaves you with a smoother finish and doesn't grow back as quickly. The pain doesn't seem worth it to me TBH but if your hair is very thick or coarse this could be the best option.

Another popular method for a lot of Asian women, threading is also good for thicker hair but it hurts (for most people anyway). Again I've never tried threading because.... OUCH, but I have friends who swear by it.

Save yourself money, time and pain by getting yourself a trimmer! If the hair on your upper lip isn't offensively noticeable this is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair - even if you use it as a top up in between waxing/threading appointments it's SO worth it.

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