22 December 2016

The evolution of Priyanka Chopra

Quantico star Priyanka Chopra has been through a major beauty (and career) transformation in the last 10+ years. She burst onto the scene as a fresh faced Miss Universe in 2000. Since then she's become one of the biggest Bollywood actresses, had a stint as a pop star (the less said about that the better...) and is now slaying the small screen as Alex in US drama Quantico.

Let's take a look at how her look has evolved in that time...

It all began in 2000, when Priyanka was crowned Miss Universe. Young, fresh faced and glowing, you can see that she's always been naturally beautiful. 

Priyanka pulls off the pageant look effortlessly but those brows! I know razor thin brows were 'in' during the early noughties but these are really badly done. Not sure about the random curl either...

Another pageant inspired look. I'm assuming this is also Priyanka's natural hair colour/texture - naturally curly and very thick. 

As Priyanka evolved into a Bollywood superstar her look did too. She made an appointment with a hairstylist and finally found a decent brow lady. Her features remain the same, she just looks a little more polished. 

I love this photo because it really shows Priyanka's natural beauty - no harsh lighting or clever makeup tricks. Her skin is slightly darker than pictures would have you believe. Note the eyebrows slowly growing back too.

Woaah! As Priyanka's films get bigger so does her hair. I love how lustrous and sleek it is here and the colour compliments her skin tone so much more than black. She's also started going for a more 'grown up' makeup look with smokier eyes and vampier lips.

This pic was taken during the promo for Priyanka's music stuff. She's tried to ditch her primpy Bollywood persona look for something edgier. Not sure it suits her though. On a more positive note, those brows are growing back and they are slayin!

Fast forward to Priyanka Chopra the TV screen queen and I think she's finally settled into a look that really suits her. Gone are the pageanty blow dries and ultra-glam makeup, and in it's place we can see  a more modern, sleeker look. Her hair never fails to deliver (never) and her eyebrows are so much more striking and bold when left full and fabulous.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the perfection that is Priyanka's hair and makeup in this pic... *sigh*. Her brows are (finally) the perfect thickness. Her makeup is subtle but still makes an impact (that green against the hazel of her eyes is mesmerising me!) And the hair is in between bollywood glam and edgy pop star - PERFECT!

The final word...
Priyanka has come full circle in her beauty evolution. She's experimented loads in the ten plus years and I feel like she's never looked better. Can't wait to see what's next for her!


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