2 February 2014

MAC Rebel: The lipstick for grown ups

Anyone who knows me will know that I only ever wear two kinds of lipstick: bright pink and light pink. I tend to keep away from really dark, vampy colours because they can make your lips look thinner and, well, I just don't think it suits me!

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the MAC Rebel lipstick is just that - dark, gothic and way too scary to wear out in public, but the colour of the tube is actually very deceptive! When applied it's a lot warmer and redder, and it's surprisingly very flattering for Asian and dark skin. I'd describe it as a very deep, raspberry red with a semi matte texture

It is the perfect dark lip because it doesn't wash you out and it doesn't make your lips disappear - result! Strangely, I also feel a lot more grown up when I wear this - there's something very sophisticated and refined about a deep red lip.

To make it day appropriate I skip bottom eyeliner (it makes the whole look too vampy) and add loads of mascara instead.

PS - A BIG thank you to Sam who sent me this lipstick after I entered a competition on her fabulous blog. I never win anything so it was a lovely little treat!!

Has anyone else tried Rebel by MAC? What other dark lipsticks would you recommend? 


  1. This was my first ever MAC lipstick :o) and I have no regrets in buying it <3 I agree with you, it really does flatter Asian skin tones. I sometimes wear MAC Honey love or Creme in Your Coffee on top of this and it gives me a nice nudey/berry/mauvey (lol) shade. Try it out with some of your nude lipsticks :o)

    Btw, your skin looks really flawless m'A!

  2. I've been recently looking to get a deep-red lipstick and had been drawn to MAC Rebel, your review has just sealed it for me...I must buy this lipstick! Lol. Just wondered if you used a lipliner with it, and if so which one?x

  3. I didn't use a lip liner! I'm guilty of just applying it straight off the tube lol x let me know what you think of it xx

  4. Really?! That's a good idea... I don't use my nude lipsticks enough... thank you :) xx


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