17 February 2014

How high maintenance is your bedtime beauty routine?!

Lately I've found that I'm getting to bed a lot later than usual and I think it's because of my bedtime beauty routine, which is pretty high maintenance…

Here's how it goes down most nights chez moi: cleanse, exfoliate, apply serum, moisturise all over, apply hand cream and foot cream, spritz pillow spray... the list goes on. In fact, you'd probably need an instruction manual to work out all the different things I do before I go to bed!

When did it all become so complicated? And is all this fuss necessary?! Part of me wants to say yes (otherwise I've wasted 100,000,000 hours grooming for nothing) but I'm sure there's a way to simplify my beauty routine without missing anything out...
There are some things that I have to do every night like cleanse, use a serum and moisturise but I'm not too precious about applying eye cream so I could skip this some nights. Thicker body creams can also double up as hand and foot cream so I don't waste time faffing about with different pots and tubes. 

Saying that, part of me likes having a bedtime beauty routine. Rather than just shutting off the laptop and jumping into bed I can wind down slowly and go to sleep feeling relaxed and smelling nice(r). That's also partly why I have my showers in the evening - I feel like I've washed away all my stress and worries! 

Does anyone have any tips on how I can save time on my beauty routine? I could do with an extra few minutes in bed...!

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  1. Hi, your beauty routine is waaaaay too long & I miss you! Please come back :(
    I love metaphors and double meanings :P


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