16 February 2014

Bridal Diary: Would you do your own wedding makeup?

A question that I ask a lot of makeup artists is: who would do your wedding makeup? It's a simple question but to someone who applies makeup for a living, handing the reigns to another person must be difficult. After all, you know what you like and you're used to your own style of makeup application - what if she contours using the wrong brush?! Or uses a thicker primer?! 

It's also a question that I was asking myself recently because, although I'm not a makeup artist, I'm not sure how I'd feel about someone else doing my makeup. Working in the beauty industry for so long has got me used to my own style of makeup application and so I'm a little worried about someone else doing it for me. 

I did get my makeup done once and it wasn't a nice experience... The MUA in question (I won't say who!) was working backstage at an event and I cheekily asked her to do a smokey eye on me. After what can only be described as a slap dash of black eyeshadow and A LOT of bronzer she gave me the mirror where I was greeted by a drunken panda. I've been scarred for life since... 

As with all my wedding decisions so far I've made a list of pros and cons to help me decide if it's worth the risk...

Reasons to hire a Makeup Artist
It's your big day which means that it's all.about.you. Most brides will lie and say that it's about love and family but that's just so they don't come across as conceited - it is all about the bride and so I owe it to myself to look the best that I possibly can!

It's a chance to relax - after monnths of planning, appointments, multi-tasking, this is the one chance I'll probably get to just sit still for 3-4 hours and relax, maybe with a drink and some chocolates, while someone else takes care of the wedding stuff. 

They know what they're doing - I have a basic undersanding of how to apply makeup, learnt mostly through trial and error and Youtube, but I'm no expert. And I can't style hair to save my life (thank God I wear a scarf) so it makes sense that I'd hire someone to take care of it for me. 

Reasons not to hire a Makeup Artist

Costs - brides that are on a budget may not want to fork out thousands (yes, thousands...) on hair and makeup, espically as there are so many other events in the lead up to the wedding.

I can't think of any other reasons not to hire a makeup artist - it's a special day - treat yourself!

I've decided to to my own makeup for the pre-wedding parties but for the big day I'm leaving it to the pros... Now it's just a case of finding someone...

Would you do your own wedding makeup?! And does anyone have recommendations for a good MUA??


  1. I did my own makeup for my Mendhi and registry but hired a makeup artist for the big day. I'm so glad I did because my hand was shaking far too much which I didn't think I would!!

  2. Also good luck for your wedding :) x

  3. doing your own wedding make up is a good idea for some girls, good luck!

  4. I would NEVER do my own wedding makeup.. in case I flop :s lol

    I would definitely recommend: Art of Liza, Lipa MUA, Summaiya MUA, Sonia Ullah, Ambreen... you can find their work on FB/Instagram xxx

  5. Haha I know... it would be a massive risk! Thanks hun... I have a few of these on my list so we must think alike! :)

  6. Aw bless! Yes, I think I'll do the same...xx

  7. I did do my own make up but got a hair stylist though ! ;)

  8. Your makeup skills are amaaaaazing though so I don't blame you! x

  9. Hyiii...
    This post is all about the bridal make-up.Its just stunning and too gorgeous.Nice tips.Thank you so much.

    Beautiful You


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