23 January 2014

Lip saviours for winter weather

The other day, during the mother of all clear outs I came across what can only be described as mountain of lip balms - most which had been used a few times and then completely forgotten about. I mean, they're hardly the most exciting beauty product are they?! But, as hard as it is to get excited about lip balms they are kinda necessary - even the most makeup/beauty-adverse person will have one stashed away - my brother has about three!

Having amassed such a huge collection I've come to understand which ones are good (can you guess which one I use pretty much everyday??) and which ones remain untouched. 

The YSL Top Secret lip conditioner is probably the most luxe balm in my collection. It's meant to help make your lips appear fuller and plumper (it doesn't), what it does do is make them super-soft. But then, for £24 you'd expect it to.... The Sun Sense lip balm is the most heavy duty one of the lot and is probably more suited to colder climes (think mountain trek in Ben Nevis) and has an SPF of about 100. It means business. The MAC Lip Conditioner came out as part of the Viva Glam range with Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin. Poor Ricky got fobbed off with a nice smelling lip cream that kinda just sits on your lips and then slips off after about ten minutes.
The Nude lip balm is an all-natural product and although it's a little blah (it has absolutely no scent or a discernible texture) it does leave my lips feeling nice and soft. The Body Lip Butters are also pretty good and hydrating but it can leave a slight white sheen on my lips (ugh) because it's so thick and heavy. The Rose&Co Rose Petal Salve is the one lip balm that I reach for the most - it's light but very moisturising and has the most beautiful rose scent - I'm telling you guys this is better than Vaseline! The Lush Lip Service balm was a bit of a disappointment. It's not as pampering and moisturising as the others and needs to be warmed up before you can get the product out. 
The Balance Me Rose Otto lip salve is quite glooopy with a glossier finish than the others. It's very moisturising and rich making it the ideal lip balm for winter. I like to apply a thin layer before bed so that I wake up to softer plumper lips. 
Phew! Have I missed any out? I feel like I've just written an encyclopaedia on lip balms! Maybe I should change the little to 'Everything you need to know about my lip balm collection'? 

Tell me, what lip balm do you reach for the most?? 


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