30 January 2014

Katrina Kaif's beauty evolution

Katrina Kaif: one of the most beautiful and coveted Bollywood actresses of our time. In the past I've berated her for being too safe and boring with her hair and makeup, but despite her lack of imagine or beauty creativity she has been blessed with naturally beautiful features. The picture above is proof enough that she has the bone structure of a supermodel (I've seen her close up and can vouch for this). What I want to know is, has she always looked this amazing, or have there been some 'enhancements' done to look this good?

Taking it waaaay back to when decent pictures didn't exist and thin eyebrows were cool, you can see Katrina was blessed with natural beauty although she clearly hadn't discovered backcombing yet.

Fast forward a few years and Katrina's still got youthful glow about her. Her skin is impossibly glossy and plump - like a friggin' newborn baby! Hair on the other hand looks a little pageanty.
A year or so on and Katrina hasn't changed drastically. There are the faintest lines appearing around her eyes but that's about it.

Woah! Am I looking at a different person here?! Katrina's top lip has swollen to at least twice the size and the tip of her nose looks less round (this could just be because of the angle though). Her hair still needs to loosen up. 

Looks as though Katrina's still visiting the lip clinic here.... Also, there isn't a single line on her face. Not.a.single.line. I know five year olds with more lines on there faces for goodness sake! I think it's pretty clear that, although Katrina has got a killer complexion, she's dabbled a little with lip fillers and maybe some Botox. I'm still debating about the minor nose job - her long nose is an endearing part of her face so I'm sure she would never shave it down completely (ouch!) but it does look a little slimmer. 

What do you think of Katrina's beauty evolution? Do you think she's had any cosmetic enhancements?!



  1. She has most definitely had a lip job.. It's really obvious :s Don't think she had anything done to her nose though, it could look thinner due to contouring maybe?

  2. Good point! It's very good contouring x

  3. of course shes stunning thanks to a new nose job i dont blame her for getting it done apart from it being a personal choice but celebrities have to look their best for their audience..


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