6 January 2014

How to pamper yourself in just 30 minutes

Wouldn’t things be great if we could all schedule one evening a week for some serious pampering and me-time? I reckon there’d be a lot less violence, crime and frizzy hair if we actually took a bit of time to relax and do something a little indulgent! 

Of course, not everyone has a whole evening in the week (or the cash) to spare getting their hair, nails and face done, including myself. Most of my weekends are spent catching up on the Asian Beauty Blog, writing or spending time with family and friends, which means pamper night is something of a distant memory *sigh*. Lately, as my work and life load have amped up, I’ve found a really simple and quick way to pamper myself in less than 30minutes – everyone has 30 minutes to spare right?! 

5 mins - Face mask 
A luxuriously thick cleansing balm can double up as a face mask. Simply massage a thicker-than-usual dollop of your chosen cleansing balm (mine has to be Emma Hardie) on to your face and leave it on while you soak in the bath. Once you get out grab a fluffy, damp flannel and gently rub the cleanser off. I like to leave the flannel on my face for 10 second spurts to give it a quick steam too. Bliss. 

 3 mins – Hair mask 
The Aussie three minute miracle hair mask does exactly what it says on the label. Apply all over to freshly washed hair, tie it up and soak in the bath. 

15 mins – Bath/reading/eating/sleeping 
 I’m joking about the last bit – DO NOT FALL ASLEEP IN THE BATH – it doesn’t end well… A fifteen minute soak should be enough to flick through a trashy mag, listen to some music or, well whatever you want really! 5 mins – head to toe moisturising Jump out of the bath and, while your skin is still a little damp, massage in a luxurious body oil. One of my all-time favourite pampering products is the Aromatherapy Associates rose body massage oil which leaves you with super soft, silky skin. 

2 mins – Nutella hot choc 
This hot choc recipe is SO easy to follow and totally feeds my Nutella addiction. Simply pour one mug of milk (full fat is always better) into a saucepan and gently heat without letting it boil. Then add a spoon (or two) of Nutella from the jar and mix in until melted. Pour into your mug and add marshmallows/whipped cream, sugar/whatever else your heart desires. Simples. 

Does anyone else find that there’s just not enough time in the week to have a pamper sesh?! Let me know if you’ve tried the Nutella hot choc before!

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