20 January 2014

Has foundation become redundant?!

I have a beauty stash that could rival the John Lewis beauty counters yet I find myself using foundation less and less these days. Unfortunately it's got nothing to do with the state of my skin, which still needs a product to help cover any marks and redness and even out my skin tone. It's mainly because of the slew of new, smarter complexion enhancing products that have emerged into the beauty market. I'm talking about BBs, CCs, skin illuminators etc, of course!
Last summer, when it was really hot, I started to feel a little claustrophic wearing a full face of foundation. It felt like my skin was gasping for air! So I switched to lighter formulas, tinted moisturisers and eventually BB Creams. Tinted moisturisers are great if you have good, even skin (I hate you FYI) but for me it lacked that extra bit of coverage that I needed so I tried the UNE BB Cream-Foundation which is a hybrid powder-to-cream BB (or is it a foundation? I'm still a bit confused...). The coverage is good and the texture is very light, leaving room for my skin to breathe. 
The Garnier BB Creams have also become a staple for me and I reach for them almost everyday now. I prefer the one for oily skin because it's less shimmery and gives me a bit more coverage. To get a more flawless finish, similar to a foundation, I use a stippling brush which makes the world of difference. SO many people compliment me on my skin when I wear this BB Cream!

Other ways to get a more even finish without reaching for foundation is a skin enhancer. These do all the hard work for you by helping to brighten and illuminate your complexion. I usually apply this all over and then follow with a little powder or BB Cream on the parts of my skin that look a little patchy, usually my cheeks.  

Who would have thought you could get a flawless finish without foundation? A year or two ago I'd say that was ABSURD and that just goes to show how much the beauty industry has changed! I'll still reach for my NARS Sheerglow foundation on special occasions but I've learnt to let my natural skin shine through now, without masking it up with makeup. 

Has anyone else stopped using foundation? I feel like this is a major achievement for me!



  1. Definitely not! I have acne-prone skin and cannot go anywhere (exception: gym and spa without a full coverage foundation

  2. I'm sure your skin isn't that bad hun... sometimes it's good to give it a break from foundation :) x

  3. I NEVER use a full coverage foundation (I don't even own one anymore), my best pal is the BB cream and I think it looks and feels better ;) So, welcome to the club!


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