25 January 2014

CELEBRITY: It's awards season!

What a sad month January is! It's full of crap like the flu, SAD, sales, empty bank account, rubbish weather... the list goes on. But one thing we can always rely on to perk us up is that it is awards season!  

This month there were two big events in Bollywood that saw celebs crawl out of their comfy (queen size) beds and don the most extravagant outfit for the red carpet! However, with the exception of a few, I was kinda underwhelmed with it all. Let's discuss...

Bipasha Basu
  Can someone bring Bips back please?! You know, the one who played the hot, ant-heroine roles in films like Raaz?! She used to be the actress that the paps would break necks to get a pic of but it's all gone a bit 'blah' lately. It's not that she looks bad (life is just not that kind), it's that she isn't as glamorous and exciting as before.  

Her hair looks very pretty here, albiet a little bridesmaidy. The smokey eye is good - not too over the top, but smokey enough to have an impact. 

Second look: Bipasha's makeup isn't bad but that heavy side fringe needs to go back to 2004.

Sonakshi Sinha
If there's one actress I can rely on to pull something new and exciting out of the bag it's Sonakshi. Girl's done me proud! I'm having a bit of a pink moment and I love how it's used here, in contrast to the neutral tones to make the whole outfit really pop. The curls are also a really nice touch - not too primped, just undone and tousled enough to look effortlessly glam. 

Pairing glossy nude eye makeup with a deeper, matte pink is genius! Everything is just perfectly balanced!

How adorbs are Sonakshi's collages?! 

Her second look that week was a stark contrast to the first. The eyes are a little more smokey and they really stand out and make an impact with the slicked back bun and drop earrings - very chic!

Seriously, I LOVE her!

Deepika Padukone
I'm going through a bit of phase were Deepika can do no wrong and as much as I love this red carpet look of hers I am getting kinda bored of her quiff. She has a nice head shape (there's a compliment you wanna hear!) so it would have looked a lot better just slicked back. 

Again, I have lipstick envy. I would never have considered dark plum lips but it just looks so good on Deepika. 

On to the second look, and as a side note I actually LOVE this outfit, although I'd expect something a bit more bling during awards season. The hair is pretty if not slightly reminiscent of a five year-old me. I'd have liked to have seen a contrast between the dress and hair - a sleek, straight do would have looked a lot more contemporary. 

Maybe it's the flash photography but in this shot it looks like she's wearing bright red lippie - strange!

Kareena Kapoor
Has Kareena being having a few facial injections? Her face looks a little too plumped up here.... Despite that she does look pretty HAWT. Kareena knows what works and pairing a crazy bright red lip with sleek hair is always going to be a winner. 

What's your favourite look from the awards season so far?? 


  1. kareena looks OK. but Sonakshi Sinha is owning the red carpet right here!

  2. The others look good but Kareena and Sonakshi look uhh-mazing :)
    Sonakshi looks like she's lost a bit of weight too.

  3. She has lost a bit but I think her natural beauty shines through !

  4. She sure is! My eyes go straight to her !


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