7 January 2014

CELEBRITY: How to wear silver like Kangana Ranaut

I haven't been very complimentary of Kangana in the past, with good reason, but every now and then she has flashes of brilliance that just blow.me.away. Like at this recent book launch. Her skin looks luminescent and healthy, the outfit is edgy and cool and her hair is styled perfectly (maybe a little too perfectly?), but what really caught my attention was her makeup - those eyee could give Bambi a run for his money! 

Granted, it's not rocket science - apply a shimmery eyeshadow to the tear ducts, skip the bottom liner and presto - you've got big, bright, doe eyes. The lashes are a little too on the fake side for me but I guess it's a requisite if you want your eyes to really pop out on camera. 

I'm so glad that she didn't go for a really heavy silvery, smokey eye, instead she's applied it along the inner corners and bottom eye line so that it's more subtle. 
Needless to say her skin looks flawless, fresh and clean (no heavy handed bronzer or blush here) and the slight iciness of her lipstick balances the frosty eyeshadow perfectly. 
If you have skin that's darker than Kangana's I'd recommend a darker hue of silver or ever a shimmery grey (or is that the same thing....?!) and remember to pair it with minimal makeup - let your eyes take centre stage.
I'm in love! Are you?!

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