22 January 2014

CELEBRITY: Deepika's orange lip and big hair

Ugh - why is Deepika so flawless?! I've got a major girl crush on her at the moment - her last few films have been really good, her dress sense is always on point, she's got an impressive list of good-looking ex-boyfriends and her makeup is always flawless and inspiring. It's very hard not to hate her. 
There are two beauty looks of hers that I've been lusting over lately. The first is this orange lip-glowly-schmazing-skin combo. Ever since I started wearing makeup I had put orange lipstick in the 'don't do it' box of beauty sins because I thought it was super-unflattering on Asian skin. Most Asian skin tone is warm with yellow undertones which means that orange can make you look a little tooooo warm (think sitting in boiling water warm) but Deepika's pulled it off. 

How's she done it? First she's gone for a matte texture which means it looks a lot more contemporary. The colour is also slightly redder in tone which makes it more flattering than the bronzy, metallic oranges you'll usually found lurking around the orange lip section (so wrong). She's also kept the rest of her makeup quite basic.  The shimmery white eyeshadow is very subtle but opens her eyes up even more and brightens her complexion. 

The second makeup look is also very natural and effortless-looking, a clever and stark contrast to her outrageously big, pouffy hair! It's a little big with a heavy nod to the 70's, and paired with a metallic gold jumpsuit (yes, really) it's slightly tacky, but her makeup is the saving grace. It's very natural which balances the whole thing perfectly. I love the muted, matte lip which almost looks bare (I'm guessing it's a smudged in lip liner rather than a lipstick). 

What do you think of Deepika's hair and makeup??


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