5 January 2014

BRIDAL BEAUTY DIARY: Staying organised (and sane)

If you’re not familiar with Asian weddings or have never had to plan one let me tell you, organising one takes military precision, a great deal of multi-tasking, people management and the ability to cope under extreme pressure. If wedding planning was a job skill it would definitely be going on my CV!

I’m sure non-Asian weddings are just as stressful but the number of people attending and involved are usually vastly different, so in order to stay sane I’ve had to become super organised. I’m a bit of control freak as it is but having everything in lists and manageable piles really has helped me so far. Here are some great tips for organisation that I’ve picked up in the last few months (still working on the staying sane part!): 

Excel is your friend 
I love spread sheets! Whether it’s to make shopping lists, budgets or for general info, spread sheets really help me keep on top of things. I’ll still write things down on paper (God knows I would never give up my notebook addiction) but having everything jotted down in an electronic format means that I can chop and change, insert or delete, things at the press of a button and it’s made my life a lot easier. 

Have deadlines 
Having deadlines and sticking to them can ensure you don’t get any nasty surprises nearer to the wedding. I’ve put together a timeline of tasks that need to be done for each month leading up to my big day. This allows me to see what needs to be prioritised at the beginning of each month, for example, the venue and photography need to be booked well in advance as they’re the two things that get booked early. 

Ideally I’d do everything myself but with a full time job, the Asian Beauty Blog and tonnes of other projects on the go it’s not feasible to be involved with every single detail of the big day (sad face). Delegating things to trusted friends and family can really take the pressure off (hint: mums are great wedding helpers and will usually be happy to do a lot of the work!) 

 Does anyone else have any tips for staying organised and sane?!

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