2 January 2014

Body creams for all budgets

I tend to get really horrible dry skin if I don’t moisturise daily and so over the last few years I’ve gone through a massive number of body creams, lotions and potions, all promising smooth, silky skin. 

If you have super dry skin like me then it’s definitely worth investing in a heavy duty body cream (Vaseline’s Aloe Vera body lotion ain’t gonna cut it) but there is something to suit every budget, it’s just about being savvy about the brand and ingredients used. Here are some of my favourites that I’ve repurchased quite a few times now, depending on what my budget is at the time… 

Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion, £3.66, Boots
 I’d never thought to try anything from this brand before (it’s stocked in where? Asda?! There’s no way it'll be good!) but how wrong was I. I actually got this a few years back at a press event and was shocked by how moisturising it is. It’s also very thick, super absorbent and doesn’t have a strong scent (those cheap, heavily scented products are usually packed with oil stripping, skin drying ingredients). 

Dream Cream, £11.25, Lush
 I must have mentioned this before? It’s really thick but one of the only body creams that actually leaves my skin feeling smooth for days. The thick, gloopy texture means that it probably isn’t ideal to slather on before you go out (try getting a pair of skinny jeans on immediately afterwards – not pretty) but I like to use it as an overnight treat. The Celebrate body lotion (pictured) is also really moisturising and has a much fresher, fruity scent.

Shea Butter Date Bouquet  Ultra Rich Body Cream, £16, L’Occitane 
Aside from that fact that this smells seriously good, the L’Occitane body creams are super moisturising and sink into my skin immediately, which means no faffing in the morning. The texture is also a lot heavier than my other body creams and it can double up as a foot and hand cream. **UPDATE** This body cream is currently half price - and I've just picked up two tubs and a mini hand cream! Get it while stocks last!!

Almond Body Butter, £5, The Body Shop
I had to do a double take when I spotted this last week. Originally £13 the Almond Body Butter is now less than half price! The scent is pretty sweet, like marzipan, and makes my mouth water every time and  like all the other body butters it leaves my skin feeling really pampered and soft. Get it quick before they sell out!

Are there any body creams that you swear by?


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