19 December 2013

Seeing red: How to wear red lipstick... and how not to....

It's Christmas, which means that it's totally acceptable to wear sequins, glitter and, something that's usually out of most people's comfort zone - red lipstick. But, as the photo above depicts, it's very easy to get wrong. If you want to avoid looking like a glitter dipped, christmas bauble follow my advice on how to, and how not to, wear red lipstick...

How not to wear red lipstick...
Hasleen Kaur is a gorgeous girl - she's got such doll-like pretty features but her hair and makeup here kinda makes her look like Carrie after her prom... Firstly - red eye makeup is never okay. I don't care if you're a bride or a model on the runway, red eyeshadow is universally unflattering and can make you look tired/crazy/ghost-like/etc.

The lip colour isn't too bad and could have worked with the dress if she'd gone for less (no) eye makeup. Her brows are strong enough for her to have kept the rest bare but we know how much Bollywood actresses love to pile on the slap! 

The tight corkscrew curls are also totally wrong for this look. It's a bit too prissy and pageant-queen. A sleeker, poker straight 'do would have elevated this look to a whole other level.  

How to wear red lipstick... 
Ahhh, Karishma never lets me down! I can't think of a single look of hers that I didn't like. In this picture she's wearing full black so the red lip really stands out and brings the whole thing together . 

I'm not usually an advocate of red lip gloss (traaaashy) but it works on Karishma because she's gone for a deeper shade of red. Deeper reds and raspberry tones usually look more elegant than pillarbox reds and are more flattering on Asian skin tone. 

Karishma's also broken the beauty rule of one-or-the-other by pairing it with a bold smokey eye. In this instance she makes it work by keeping her outfit and hair fairly simple, so much so that your eyes automatically go to her face. Clever.

What do you think of these two looks? Do you think red eye makeup can ever be pulled off?!


  1. I absolutely adore Karishma, and I think she pulled this look off totally. I am in love with her lipstick/gloss and want one like it! It suits her cool complexion and piercing blue eyes :)
    And I've tried red/maroon eyeshadow under my eyes with green shadow on my lids and I think it looked great lol. It didn't make me look ill or scary.
    Great post xx

  2. Thanks! I'll have to take your word for it... I guess it depends on how you apply it :)


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