3 December 2013


A few months ago I posted an article about skincare products worth saving and splurging on and I'm back with the second in the series which is all about makeup! When it comes to buying makeup it's easy to get seduced by beautiful, opulent packaging and high end names but not everyone has the budget for Chanel and Dior... And who says the cheaper version isn't just as good?!


I use eyeliner almost everyday so it's not economical for me to keep buying a super expensive brand.  I've been using the Collection 2000 liquid liner for nearly ten years on and off and it has never failed me! The Maybelline Gel Liner is also really good and does the same job as my Shu Uemura version, which costs about £18 more!
TRY: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Liner £2.99

Arghh... I'm torn on this to be honest! I've always preferred drugstore mascaras but Lancome Hypnose came into my life a few months ago and it is DIVINE! Having said that, Max Factor, No7 and Maybelline have some amazing mascaras too.
TRY: Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara £10.99

High end primers are seriously overpriced! If your pores aren't massive and you don't have a oily T-Zone then a) you don't really need primer and b) a cheaper version will do.
TRY: The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser £7.50

BB Cream
Drugstore BB Creams do a really good job and are very similar in texture and formulation to high end brands.
TRY: Garnier Skin Perfector BB Cream £7.99

Nail Polish
I can't see much difference between a nail polish that costs £4 and one that costs £19.
TRY: Bourjois Ultra Shine Nail Polish £5.99

Lipgloss hasn't got great staying power which means it'll need constant reapplication and if you're spending £££'s it's really not worth it.
TRY: Rimmel Apocolips £6.49

My favourite budget makeup brands: Bourjois products are always high quality and beautifully packaged and Sleek and Rimmel have a really great range of products for super cheap prices too.

As someone who spent her teenage years using cheap foundation let me tell, you the difference you see in your complexion when you invest in a proper, high end one is amazingggg..... Nuff said.
TRY: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation £30.50

There's nothing wrong with budget blushers and bronzers but I find the texture can be lot more powdery and harsher than the more expensive ones. A good bronzer or blusher will brighten your complexion without looking so obvious. Cream blushers and bronzers aren't as bad - I've tried the cream blush from Bourjois and Topshop which are both really great quality.
TRY: Benefit Hoola Bronzer £23.50

See above.

I have high expectations with my lipsticks. I expect them to be pigmented, creamy but not glossy, long lasting but not drying and above all they should smell nice - like vanilla, not plastic! There aren't many brands that live up to this but MAC, YSL and NARS never let me down. If I want to experiment with colours then I'll buy a cheaper lippie but the quality is never as good.
TRY: NARS Lipsticks £18.50

Makeup brushes can be extortionately priced and I would never recommend forking out £100 for a Suqqu blusher brush unless you're a highly skilled celeb makeup artist, but cheaper ones are also a waste of money. Something mid-range like MAC of Inika is fine and the bristles are a lot softer and less harsh on the skin.
TRY: Inika Kabuki Brush £23.50

Palettes seem expensive but if you do your makeup maths they're actually great value!
TRY: Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes from £20

My favourite luxe makeup brands: Ahh... I could be here forever! ;- ) Anything by Chanel is gets a thumbs up, as does YSL, Dior and NARS.

I hope that helps! Are there certain products you would never splurge or save money on??



  1. I brought a revlon photoready foundation a few years ago for my prom. I had perfect skin & i didnt have any spots. The following day of me using the foundation my skin broke out. Im 20 now & for the past 4 years my skin hasnt been able to go back to how it was. Id never recommend using high street foundation. Estee Lauder is brilliant for foundation. I also think some make up brushes on ebay are brilliant. The ones which are dupes for real technique brushes.

  2. What shade are you with Nars?

  3. Barcelona... it looks light but it's actually the PERFECT shade! x

  4. Thanks! I have a feeling I match with Stromboli.


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