30 December 2013

Best beauty discoveries of 2013

2013 has been a really great year for discovering new beauty products and as the year draws to a close I thought it would be fitting to reminisce about some of my favourite finds! I picked up quite a few things from last year’s sales and also abroad, most of which were great buys and even repurchases (it's a big deal if I repurchase it!) I could be here all day talking about all the amazing new products I've discovered so here's a quick rundown for 2013. Full reviews are available on the links:

Topshop Cream Blushers 
My love for all things cream went into overload this year and I started to embrace a more natural, fresh look. These blushers are great quality, have amazing pigmentation and are seriously good value for money! Read the full review.

Garnier BB Cream 
So, after dissing BB Creams and claiming that they didn’t suit Asian skin tones, I discovered the Garnier BB Cream, which I pretty much use every day now…. Doh! My tip – apply with a stippling brush for better coverage. Read the full review.

MAC Riri Woo Lipstick 
This was my first ‘proper’ red lipstick and it totally converted me! It has a really gorgeous, rich pigment and velvet finish that take your lips to a whooooole other level.  Read the full review.

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara 
Ignore the silly name - this mascara is the one of my all time favourites. I don’t wear mascara that often because it’s such a b**** to take off but I make an exception for this one because of the amazing length and volume it gives my lashes. Read the full review.

Everything by L’Occitane 
It was actually by luck that I discovered this brand after getting one of their hand creams free in a magazine. Since then I’ve repurchased two more tubes of their hand  cream and three tubs of their body butter. Addicted. Read the full review.

Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume
Of all the fragrances that I’ve discovered this year Pink Sugar has got to be my favourite (Violet Blonde doesn’t count because I discovered that two years ago!). It’s sickeningly sweet and probably not for everyone but I love how unabashedly strong and offensive it is. More please. Read the full review.

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes 
I’m not a professional MUA so my eyes would water at the thought of forking out £££ for high end makeup brushes, and the high street ones are not fit for purpose (scratchy much?!). But, the Real Techniques are so soft and are great for creating contours, a flawless base, blending... everything! 

What were your favourite discoveries for 2013? I can’t wait to see what the year ahead has in store!

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