5 December 2013

Berry Nice! How to pull off plum like Freida Pinto

I'm kinda having a Freida moment (can you tell??!). I seriously cannot help it... Girl looks good! Of course she looked fine before, but in a beautiful-but-boring way, now she's upped her game and, dare I say it, looks a lot more edgy and current. 

When I first saw this photo of Freida at the Coach store opening in Madrid my eyes immediately fell on her lipstick. It's so pretty, and at the risk of sounding like a really cringey, cliche-ridden writer, the colour really pops (hmmmgh) against her dark skin tone. Cue obligatory close up....

I'm not sure how much editing has been done here but I cannot fault her makeup at all. The skin is super luminous and has just a tiny dusting of bronzer to brighten it up. To balance her deep lip colour Freida has also kept her eyes and brows quite bare with just a coat or two of mascara. If she'd gone for the whole shebang; powder, flicked out eyeliner and lashes, the whole thing would transform into a more glamorous evening look. 
Also, I love that she's skipped the lip liner and just blotted the lipstick on freehand - another great way to keep your makeup looking fresh and day-appropriate!

Then there's the top knot. I'm used to seeing wispy chignons and vintage waves on Freida so I love that she's done a bit of a 360 and gone for the off-duty model hairstyle. It's just so flipping effortless! Ugh - I hate her!

Freida has definitely inspired me to try something new with my makeup and I've been dying to wear darker reds and plums now that it's winter. MAC Rebel has been languishing in my drawer for months so maybe it's time to get it out and play!
What do you think of Freida's edgier hair and makeup? Do you prefer her more elegant style??



  1. love this look of hers :) she's so beautiful! And I abs love Mac's Rebel!..It's my fave Autumn/Winter lippy <3

  2. Mine too... so glad to have discovered it! :) x


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