23 November 2013

Where have I been....?!

Ahh... it's been a while hasn't it? My absence from The Asian Beauty Blog wasn't intentional, it was just something that got longer and longer until it got so bad I thought -'is it even worth posting on here anymore? Does anyone even read it?!' You could say I was having a bit of a confidence crisis - hah! 

But now I'm back and more motivated than ever to make this the best beauty site that it can be! Of course it's not just for my own entertainment purposes (although I do have a tendency to read my articles over and over again... JOKE), it's also for you - the readers. And whether that's two people or 2,000 people I want to know what you like... and maybe what you don't, so that the quality of it always remains high. Please leave a comment below and be as honest as you like!

Tumbleweed - in case you were wondering
My absence hasn't completely been due to lack of motivation though. There have been developments in my life that have kinda taken over and overwhelmed me over the last few months... Namely that I'M GETTING MARRIED! Do I sound excited much? Yes, prepare for Twitter rants, Instagram pics and lots of bridal beauty posts for the next six months! 

If you weren't aware Asian weddings are super INTENSE! The whole family are involved in the preparations which can be really nice but can also cause all sorts of drama. That, coupled with the fact that I have to find a venue, caterer, wedding cake, etc for 500+ guests, and you can imagine my sheer terror... I mean excitement (ahem). I will try not to make this a wedding blog (promise!)

Until next time...

Sami x



  1. Congratulations huni you have been missed and you defo need to blog the ups and downs of planning a wedding if you can fit it in lol xx

  2. congrats! and I love reading your blog posts. <3 your posts are always concise, funny, as well as being useful :) x

  3. Aw thanks Naz!! :) xx

  4. Will do for sure! Still getting my head around it! xx

  5. ahh wow congrats, I love your blog by the way so please continue posting! I love the asian beauty element so I would also love a few wedding posts here and there :)

  6. Awww wow congrats! I love reading your blog posts! x

  7. Thank you Naushin :) I'll definitely be putting some Asian bridal beauty posts up over the next few months :) x


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