29 November 2013

Makeup rules for wearing white

White is not the easiest colour to pull off and I'm always struggling with ways to pair a white outfit with my makeup. It's very easy to look washed out/bride-of-frankenstien if you get your hair and makeup wrong. After a few years (and a lot of fashion disasters!) I've found two makeup looks that never fail to look UH-MAZING with white....

Totally a made up word but that is exactly how one should look when wearing white. Matte, powdery makeup ain't gonna cut it. White can wash you out, especially if you have darker skin, so keeping your makeup looking dewy and natural is essential.

Could Deepika's makeup be any more perfect?! Even though she's wearing makeup it looks very natural and fresh.

Rani Mukherjee goes for a more traditional look with a softer wash of colour over her eyes, but like Deepika it looks really fresh and youthful. 

If you can't bare going for a natural makeup look (maybe you're going to a party) then a wash of bronze over the eyes is a great way to look a bit more glammed up .

Red lips
I LOVE pairing a crisp, red lip with a white outfit! It's an odd combination but it works so well and looks super polished and elegant. Just make sure the lipstick is matte otherwise it could look trashy. This look can be quite overwhelming so I'd also suggest keeping the rest of your face quite natural and skipping bottom eyeliner. 

How NOT to have your makeup when wearing white....
Yeah okay, Aishwariya Rai can get away with this look because she's the-most-beautiful-woman-in-the-world, but mere mortals like us can't... unless we want to look like the corpse bride...

Does anyone else have any tips on how to wear white? I find it so tricky to get my makeup right!

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