3 October 2013


Welcome to the first series of Save vs Splurge! I've devised these posts for people who are confused over what's worth splashing out on and what's not. 

I get a lot of girls asking me for recommendations on budget makeup or skincare and I realised that sometimes we overspend on high end products when a cheaper version could just a great job! Of course this all depends on your budget. If you can afford to buy all your skincare products from Creme de la Mer then by all means go ahead (I would if I could.... #sadface)! But not everyone is blessed with a big budget so for those looking to save a few pennies I hope this is helpful. 

I'll do seperate posts for makeup, haircare, etc over the next few weeks (we'd be here for days otherwise!). But let's get the ball rolling with skincare...

Will a £100 moisturiser transform your skin and make you look ten years younger? Probably not. I've tested so many different moisturisers over the years and they've never made a huge difference to the appearance of my skin. Ultimately, a face cream will only hydrate your skin and keep it feeling soft and plump, so there's no need to invest heavily into one. 
Also, a night cream isn't essential as most of them are pretty much the same as a day cream, only thicker and richer (and also sans SPF), so unless you have extremely dry skin you can get away with using your day cream at night (CONTROVERSIAL I KNOW).

Lip balm
The best way to combat dry, chapped lips is to drink more water. A lip balm is a nice added extra and unless you suffer from serverely chapped lips or live in an igloo there's no need to splash out on a super, luxe lip balm! 
TRY: Anything and everything from Carmex or Dove Shimmer Lip Balm £1.49

In my honest opinion toner is completely unnecessary - if you have a decent cleanser (see below) then you won't need a toner to wipe any excess product away. Another good way to make sure the product has been rinsed properly is to use a muslin cloth - it's a GAME CHANGER.

Eye makeup remover
I'm kinda on the fence with this one; if, like me, you wear a lot of eye makeup, it's worth getting something that's extra gentle and can take mascara and eyeliner off in one quick swipe, however, they shouldn't really cost that much. I draw the line at super cheap makeup remover because the ingredients are usually a lot harsher but there are some more natural brands that don't irritate my eyes.
TRY: Lush Ultrabland £6.95 - it's actually a cleanser but I use it to take my eye makeup off

Face masks
I'm guilty of using really luxe, indulgent face masks but to be honest they're NOT worth spending £££'s on. Yes, they do make your skin feel softer, plumper and all-round lusher but the effects aren't long lasting - it's more of a pick-me-up for dull, dehydrated skin.

My favourite budget skincare brands: The Body Shop, No7, LUSH Cosmetics

If you wear a lof of makeup then it's definitely worth investing a bit more on a good cleanser. What I find is that the slightly more pricey products have less harsh ingredients in them so, for my skin to avoid breakouts or a rash, I'll use a higher end product - the results speak for themselves!
TRY: Murad White Brilliance Cleanser £27.90 or COR Silver Soap (review coming soon!) £35

Serums are super concentrated and work harder than any other skincare products to repair and rejuvenate your skin so they're likely to be the most expensive part of your skincare regime. Most, if not, all the serums I've tested have delivered results, albeit slowly, and so it's definitely worth the investment. You also only need the tinitest drop so even if the bottle looks small, rest assured it will last you a good few months.

Skin peels, microdermabrasion kits, etc are super-charged skincare treatments, and so I wouldn't recommend buying it on the cheap. Like I mentioned before, the cheaper versions will not have the best ingredients and when you're using a product like a peel it's better to go for a pricey option so that it doesn't damage or irritate your skin.

Eye cream
Do eye creams work? Are they worth buying?! One thing's for sure - they won't eradicate crows feet but they do help smooth and soften the skin around your eyes which is thinner and more sensitive. Personally, if you have good genes or are in your teens, there's no need for an eye cream. But if you feel like age is catching up with you don't waste your time on budget eye treatments or creams because it's unlkely to do anything. The pricier options (Strivectin in particular) are a lot more effective and can definitely help reduce the appearance/prevent wrinkles and sagging. 

My favourite luxe skincare brands: Emma Hardie, Murad, Kiehl's

I hope that's been helpful! Let me know if you have any skincare money saving tips - I've learnt the hard way what to spend and save on so any tips are welcome!


  1. Love No7 products! The drugstore I work at is the only drugstore chain that carries it in Canada. I recommend it to anybody and everybody!
    Wondering if you have used The Body Shop Vitamin C energizing spray? The lady was pitching it as a setting spray to me, but nothing can compare to the UD setting spray. How would you recommend using it because I caved and did buy it :$

  2. Wow - can't believe they sell No7 products in Canada... you're lucky! I wouldn't use the Body Shop spray as a makeup setter as that's not really it's job! I'd use it as a pick-me-up before you apply makeup, say early in the morning when you're skin needs to look fresh and awake x

  3. This is an awesome post! I love Soap & Glory personally... luxury products are nice, but they're not anyone's savior!

  4. Thank you! Everything within reason I say :-) x


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