3 September 2013

REVIEW: 3 of the Best Body Oils

As a dry-skin-sufferer it'll be no surprise that I prefer using oils on my body. They feel so luxurious and are much better at moisturising and softening my skin. Over the years I've amassed a good few oils; some inexpensive drugstore gems and some more pricey, luxury ones. I'll definitely do a seperate post on cheaper body oils (there are so many unsung beauty heroes) but this post is specifically all about the more indulgent, pampering oils. They are by no means 'everyday' products, no, these are the products I bring out when I'm having a sh***y day or need a little pick-me-up. I find that they also work better on damp skin so I tend to use them after a warm shower.

The Carita Ultra-Nourishing Dry Oil is the most absorbent - you just spray, massage in and go! I'll use this during the day because its so light and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky. It's one of those 3 in 1 products that you can use on your hair and face too, (I wouldn't... ) and it has the most gorgeous, zesty scent. 

The Dr Hauschka Rose Body Oil is the most nourishing so I'll usually bring it out during the winter when my skin needs a good dose of moisture. The rose scent is divine - seriously - slather this on at night, before you go to bed, and I promise you'll have the BEST night's sleep!

The Rose Massage Body Oil by Aromatherapy Associates is my favourite of all the luxury oils. The rose scent isn't as strong as the Dr Hauschka oil but it's just as potent and the texture is lighter. When I use this I actually feel like I've been transported to an exotic spa... minus the cat miaowing and the sound of my neighbours arguing outside....

If, like me, you're a dry skin sufferer I would really recommend switching to a body oil. Does anyone else prefer them to creams and lotions??


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