2 September 2013

NEW: The Body Shop's Camomile skincare range

I'm always on the look out for affordable, gentle eye makeup removers. In the last few years I must have got through at least a dozen different products - some good, some awful - and so when The Body Shop recently launched their Camomile collection I quickly snapped it up! 

Altogether there are four products in the range but there's an in-store promotion offering three of the products and a muslin cloth for £23.  I think it worked out as a £10 discount, which is pretty good, plus I really wanted to try their cleansers any way.

Lets start with the Gentle Eye Makuep Remover. I usually swipe a cotton wool ball soaked in this stuff over my eyes every night and it takes off all my eye makeup, including ten coats of mascara (no mean feat I tell ya!) It's not on par with the likes of Bioderma, but it does remove my eye makeup in just a few swipes. The scent is slightly off-putting because it reminds me of alcohol (although there's none in there). It's very medicinial which is to be expected because it's Camomile (the stuff you put on your chicken pox) but The Body Shop are known for their amazing smelling products so that's why I was a bit dissapointed! But hey, swings and roundabouts... it does the trick, and without irritating my eyes I might add!

The Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter was a great discovery - it feels so divine on my skin! I start by massaging it in and waiting for the makeup to melt off before rinsing it off with a warm, damp muslin cloth. I'd really recommend using a muslin or washcloth when you rinse this cleanser off because it is very rich and thick which means simply rubbing if off with your hands and a bit of water will leave an oily residue on your skin. The texture is unlike most cleansing balms in that it's a lot softer and buttery smooth. It's also very gentle and can be used to remove eye makeup.

The Silky Cleansing Oil is less thick and heavy than the cleansing butter but does an equally good job of dissolving makeup and throughly cleaning my face. It's also a lot lighter than the cleansing butter so if you're skin is very oily I'd recommend this instead (yes, you can use oils on oily skin!) I don't use a muslin cloth with this cleanser because it's light enough to rinse off with my hands.Neither of the cleansers leave my skin feel tight or dry afterwards and I've noticed that I need less moisturiser through out the day now.

This range is by no means 'luxe' - it's clean and simple but makes my skin feel really pampered at the same time. Definitely a great buy and amazing value for money!


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