13 September 2013

My Skincare Routine

Can you believe that The Asian Beauty Blog is already one year old?! And during that time I haven't written about my own skincare routine once!

I've got sooooo of products waiting to be tested which means what I use never stays constant for more than a few months. Not exactly ideal for my skin but hey, it's part of the job, plus I get bored really quickly...

Although the products I use don't always stay the same the steps do, so this will be more of a basic outline of my routine. Also, please bear in mind that I have combination skin so what works for me might not nessecarily work for someone with very dry or oily skin. I'll do skincare posts for different skin types in future but for now I'll tell you a bit about my own routine!

I don't like overloading my skin with lots of products so most mornings I'll just splash my face with some cold water (partly to close those huuuuuge pores and partly to wake me up) and apply a moisturiser with SPF. 

My Pick: Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF 50
If I know I'm going to be out for a long period of time or it's super sunny outside I'll use this moisturiser. Most sun creams, especially ones with such a high protection factor, can feel really sticky and thick but this is super light, absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a with a ghost-like sheen on my face.

If I'm wearing a lot of makeup during the day I need to have a proper, thorough cleanse before I go to bed. I'll start by soaking a cotton wool pad in eye makeup remover and placing it over my eyes. The skin near the eye area is incredibly thin so I try not to rub or pull my makeup off. A decent makeup remover should be able to lift heavy eye makeup off easily with a gentle swipe or two!

Cleansing is one of the most important steps in skincare. I've tried all types of cleansers; oils, creams, foams and balms. Choosing the right one really depends on your skin type and the environment you're in. With winter slowly creeping up (ARGH) I've started to use thicker, richer balms.

If I've got a lot of makeup on or fancy a really deep clean I'll apply my cleanser and leave it on for a few minutes while I brush my teeth. This gives the product the chance to really work into the skin and melt off every last bit of makeup, almost like a mask.

Another way to ensure your skin's really clean and makeup-free is to do a double cleanse. I'll cleanse my face once, rinse it off and repeat. This is something that I'll do once or twice a week, any more can be harsh on the skin and strip it of natural oils.

I usually take my cleanser off with a muslin cloth so that there's no residue left behind (this can clog your pores and cause spots to erupt!). Muslin cloths are a lot more gentle than flannels or wash cloths and they gently exfoliate the skin.

My pick: The Body Shop's Muslin Cloth, £2.50  

If my skin's acting up or I can feel a spot coming on I'll switch to my Clarisonic. This nifty little gadget works much harder than any massage or cloth to give my skin a real deep clean, leaving it feeling super smooth and fresh. You can read the full review here

I don't use face scrubs because my skin suffers from redness and I find the little beads or particles in most exfoliators too scratchy and harsh for my skin - the Murad AHA Exfoliating Cleanser is a lot more effective and gentle and I use it about once a week.

After cleansing I'll reach for a serum. I skip toner because if your cleanser does it's job properly there shouldn't be any residue or product left for the toner to pick up. Serums are probably one of the most important steps in skincare -they're much more concentrated and harder working than a cream or cleanser. I've never understood why people spend so much money on a face cream that, ultimately, can only hydrate your skin - a serum does so much more! It targets specific problems and works extra hard to fix it.

Applying a serum straight on to cleansed skin is also important because it absorb much more effectively than it would on moisturised skin, which creates a barrier for the serum to break through. Applying a serum before bed allows your skin to repair and works more effectively than during the day.

Night creams aren't an essential step for skincare - theyre just a lot thicker than your usual day cream, and if I'm using an oil-based serum then I won't bother with one - regular moisturiser does the job just as well!

Phew! I fee like I've just finished writing a novel! There's a lot of information here and some parts of it might not be releavnt to you but it is the bare bones of good skincare; always wear an SPF, make sure you thoroughly cleanse and clean your skin before bed and invest in a good serum rather than a moisturiser! 

If you'd like tips on more specific skincare issues please let me know. I'll do a few seperate posts and reviews on some of the products mentioned soon! 


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