7 September 2013

How to wear cream eyeshadow

Cream based makeup is my current obsession and lately I've been testing out cream eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadow can be tricky; applied properly it can look polished and very high-fashion, but, done incorrectly it can make you look like the late Pat Butcher . For ages I steered clear of cream-based eyeshadow because I was terrified that it would crease up or rub off after a few minutes, but now I've finally mastered how to wear it...
To begin, I always use a flat, dense brush because it packs on a lot more colour and saves me the hassle of dabbing on sixty coats with my fingers. If you want a very natural flush of colour then by all means use your fingers to apply it, but I prefer a more defined finish to my eye makeup and find that brushes do the job better. 
Eye primers aren't always necessary; if the product is good it should stay on without creasing regardless. That being said if you're going to a wedding or planning to be out all night/day then it's worth priming your lids first so that the product has something to hang on to. Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin is a favourite of mine because the texture is buttery smooth and doesn't weigh the lids down. It also has a lovely champagne tone which means is really brings out the colour you apply on top, or you could wear it alone!
To create dimension and shape to my eye makeup I'll combine cream and powder textures. First I apply a cream base all over the eyelid and then go over the crease with a matte powder eyeshadow before buffing and blending it out. Mixing textures is a great way to open up small eyes.

My Picks
What do you think of cream eyeshadow? Do you prefer it to powder formulas?


  1. I love cream eyeshadows too, and I agree primer is essential, xoxo.

  2. I love mixing cream and powder shadows too. I tend to use cream shadows either as a base or for a pop of colour on the centre of my lip but then I'll use powder eye shadows to do the actual contouring of the eye as I find them easier to work with when it comes to diffusing the colour.

    Great blog by the way :o) I came across it by accident but looking forward to making my way through it and you were spot on about the gap in the beauty blogging arena for Asian skin tones :o) Sheen xxx

  3. I will give the Maybelline Colour Tattoos a go next time! The swatches look amazing xx

  4. Aw thank you! xx

  5. Variety is fab too, anything for neutral eye to a more dramatic look!


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