5 September 2013

CELEBRITY: Nicole's X Factor Hair and Makeup

The X-Factor has returned for another year and I've been glued to the screen, lusting over Nicole Scherzinger's hair and makeup. This year she's really brought her A-game and I don't think I've seen her look so amazeballs! Girl must be going through one serious breakover (in your face Lewis). The hair's bigger, the lipstick's brighter and a L'Oreal ad campaign beckons... Let's assess and salivate over her latest looks, shall we?!

Obligatory duck face hand pose

Umm.... wow. Could her hair get any bigger?! I'm guessing a lot of backcombing, broken brushes and tears went into getting Nicole's hair so sky high, but it looks faaaabulous, so it's worth it. With all that hair and leather a coral stain lip was the perfect choice (anything too bright or glossy would have look trashy) and check out that full brow - please keep them like that Nicole (see below). Also, can you spot the white bottom liner? It really opens up her eyes. 

If Barbie was a human with tanned skin and black hair THIS is what she'd look like! Let's start with the skin - it's impossibly glossy! I'm sure the camera flash and sunshine had a part to play (as did Photoshop... ahem) but it's only accentuating what's already there. Paired with the glossy pink lip it looks fresh and youthful. Eye makeup is also on-point but I really wish she'd fill in those brows! Way too thin and so nineties....

Nicole sure knows how to rock a pink lip. I like how she's toned her makeup down a little to let the hair do the talking. I can spot some very subtle chocolate brown highlights which makes her hair look fuller and healthier. Love that she's kept it looking more natural too. 

Oh lawwwwd! If I had to pick my favourite makeup look from Nicole's X Factor appearances so far it would be this one. Her skin looks really natural and dewy with just a hint of blush to give it a glow. She's also skipped the eyeliner and gone for some false lashes (or a few tubes of mascara), and made her brows a bit fuller (thank you). The nude lip could've washed her out completely but it has a very light hint of pink which brightens her complexion. 
Those highlights are back and look amazing against her golden complexion. Love the yellow nails too! Can we also take a moment to appreciate that d├ęcolletage... 
Not to end on a bad note or anything but this is exactly what Nicole shouldn't be doing; boring, flat, straightened hair, matchy red lip and jacket (ughh) and messy lashes. Ho-hum... no one's perfect I guess...
What do you think of Nicole's new and improved look on the X Factor this year? Anyone else watching just to see how she has her hair and makeup on each episode?!


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