23 September 2013

CELEBRITY: Faryal Makhdoom's Best Beauty Looks

Known to most as boxer Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom has only recently been thrust into the media spotlight, her every fashion and beauty look carefully scrutinised by the public (and it's not always nice!) Personally, I think she's beautiful and I love how she does her hair and makeup (most of the time anyway...!) Here are some of my favourite looks from her so far...
I've spoken about Faryal's Walima hair and makeup previously and it still remains one of my all time favourite looks! I love how she's fused a very traditional red lip and pale skin combo with an exotic, almost arabic winged eye. She looks like a doll!

Okay so this is from a shoot, but she still looks stunning! I looooove big doughnut buns and this one looks so cute! I really like the bright lip too - it looks a lot more youthful and fun than her usual nude colours. More pink please!

Faryal looks so much better without that heavy contouring (she really doesn't need it) and here her skin looks super fresh and luminescent, with just a hint of blush. The dolly lashes really open up and emphasise her eyes (let's ignore those blue contacts...) and her hair looks super glossy, almost like she just stepped out of a salon. The only thing I'd do is add more colour to her lip. 

If there's one makeup skill  Faryal has definitely mastered it's the smokey eye! I love how she's done it here because it's not too harsh and very wearable. What also caught my eye instantly was her hair - it looks amazing! I actually saved this pic on my phone to practise the style (this was of course during my non-hijab days!) My only issue is the lack of colour on those lips - they look close to non-existent! (Can you tell I like lipstick?) 

How amazing is Faryal's eye makeup here?! It's quite heavy and dramatic but paired with her delicate features it actually looks really cute and doll like! She's also managed to avoid it looking 'drag queen' by keeping the rest of her makeup very understated. I love the oomph in her hair too - God knows it's hard to get any sort of root volume on long hair so kudos to her!

...And the not so great
Right, before you all accuse me of gushing too much I will say that Faryal doesn't always get it right. Eeek.... 
I'm not actually sure where to start with this hair and makeup look from her engagement. The hair is too big for her small face, the contouring is too harsh and the curls look very fake and too defined.... I'm sure you guys can work out the rest...

Love, love, love Faryal in a bun but this is too small (it's almost more of a top knot) and it's been pulled back so tightly that it looks like she's had a face lift. Looks painful.

Do you like Faryal's hair and makeup? Which look is your favourite?!



  1. Wow. I've never seen her before, but she is absolutely stunning. I want to look like her.

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  3. Yeh I love how she does her make up and hair ....

  4. And she always looks stunning

  5. Shes stunning. I really love her hair


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