1 September 2013

BRIDAL: Up-Do Inspiration

 The past month has been jam-packed with weddings and parties and I've seen a lot of really pretty, elegant up-dos crop up. Personally I find them almost impossible to do. How do they get it to look so effortlessly chic? How does it stay up?! Up-dos are something of an art form and I'm always amazed by people who can do them so perfectly. 

Most traditional Asian bridal hairstyles consist of very intricate, buns and chignons, which require a professional stylist and about 1000 cans of hairspray. When I used to work on bridal photoshoots it would be the most time consuming part of the day, but also my favourite! I loved seeing how the pros could turn normal hair into works of art.

And so, in the spirit of wedding-season I've put together some celeb-inspired styles that I really like (and would love to master!)

Want something glamorous? Go for big and backcombed like Nicole Scherzinger. This would suit most face shapes (except long) because it creates height around the forehead and would help your bridal dupatta (scarf) sit comfortably on your head. 

If you're after something a little more low-key then opt for a lower bun and less backcombing. Effortless hairstyles look really elegant but require a lot of prepping and hairspray to keep it in place!

Ooh when I was younger I dreamt of becoming a ballerina, then I grew up and realised that it involved actual exercise *dream crushed*. This style would look nice with a gown but I wouldn't advise draping a dupatta over it, unless you want a cone-head. 

From the back: So intricate and pretty!

This is probably the simplest of all the 'dos. I love the idea of having a pretty plait poking out through a bridal dupatta - very whimsical and romantic!
Easy peasy braids: Even I could (probably) do this

Fringe benefits
Remember when I said long face shapes shouldn't create more hieght on the crown? Well, you can counteract that with a fringe. Go for something wispy like Kim for a more romantic look.
Bit on the side
Side buns are soooo elegant and look really elegant with a bridal sari or lengha. The twists and plaits give it a more bridal look, making it perfect for a spesh occasion.  

Tell me: what's your favourite bridal up-do?


  1. Kim & Nicole. Would you by any chance know what lipstick Kim is wearing? That looks like a pretty nude color and matches her skin tone perfectly!

  2. It does look beautiful on her! Not sure what that exact colour is but Modesty by MAC has a similar tone x

  3. Thanks! I'm lusting over it, Friday = Payday woohoo!

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