18 September 2013

Beauty Sleep: How to get more Zzzzs

Getting a good night's sleep is so important for keeping your skin healthy and looking youthful. On the days or weeks that I get little sleep or am out late my skin really suffers and can look really dull and lifeless. 

Why is sleep so important? It's the one time that your skin can really get to work and repair itself while you snooze (click here for my rundown of the best overnight treatments). Sometimes when I'm stressed or really busy I find it hard to just wind down and fall asleep, but there are some simple ways to snooze off - no pills involved!
Take a warm bath or shower
Most people will have a shower in the morning to help them wake up but I'm the opposite - I love taking a nice, hot shower or bath before bed! Sometimes I'll apply an aromatheraphy oil before I jump in to create a spa-like atmosphere - and I can't tell you the amount of times I've dozed off at a spa!

Get an eye mask
I need complete darkness when I sleep and even a tiny bit of light can keep me awake so I'll use an eye mask. It's also good for mornings when you want a bit of a lie in because the sunlight seeping through your window won't be able to wake you. 

Seriously, stress can keep me up at night for hours - it's just not worth it! Lately I've been finding it hard to just switch off and chill out but this is essential to getting good night's sleep (and avoiding dodgy nightmares!) So, turn your laptop off, don't answer your phone or texts and close that book - they'll keep your mind active while you're trying to sleep! Click here for more tips on how to chill out.

Do you have any tips to help doze off?!


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