13 August 2013

Why nail art drives me dotty!

I've always admired elaborate nail art designs that you find on blogs and tumblr but I've never had the courage to try it myself for two reasons:

1) I'm impatient. I can just about handle waiting for my nail polish to dry so I can't imagine spending ages trying to do some sort of intricate design on my nails.

2) I suck. Every time I attempt any kind of nail art design it ends with a mountain of nail polish remover soaked cotton wool on my floor and nails that look they've been painted on with a roller...

But, the Barry M nail art pen has put a stop to all that! I want to say it's foolproof but I did have to practice using it a bit before I got the hang of it(!) What I really like about it is that it dispenses just the right amount of product so you end up with neat(ish) lines and splodge-free spots. 

This pink, polka dot nail design is probably the easiest thing ever but it's an achievement for me and I'm very proud of it! Cute, no? (Humour me please!)

For the base I used That's Hot Pink by OPI, which is a really bold, vivid pink, so bright it could stop traffic! 

Does anyone else struggle with nail art? Please tell me I'm not alone!

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