21 August 2013

Revlon's Evening Opulence AW13 Collection

Geez, we're barely out of summer and here I am trialling Autumn/Winter makeup?! 

I have mixed feeling about Revlon's new Evening Opulence collection. There are definitely some gems (you know, those products that become a permanent member of your makeup bag family), and then there are the strays, currently looking for a happy home...

The collection itself is bold and very different for a high street makeup brand. There's a great mix of jewel-toned purples, deep reds and golds that definitely give it that opulent edge. The PhotoReady Kajal Intense Eyeliner and Brightener is great for creating an intense, sixties inspired look. It's double ended with the lighter cream shade on one side and a intense black on the other. 

You apply the cream pencil on the inner rim of your eyes to open them up and then line under it with the black side. I've come across a couple of 2-in-1 eye pencils that try and do the same thing but they melt too easily and the two colours always end up blending together to create a beige mess (ugh!). The PhotoReady Kajal doesn't smudge at all and is very pigmented. I'm impressed!

The Nail Enamels in this collection also really live up to their name - the shades are so opulent! Seductive is my favourite. It has a light, gold metallic finish that makes it look like you've minxed your nails (who remembers minx?!) 

Unfortunately the lip products in this collection failed to impress me. The ColourBurst Lipgloss was too sticky and the shade I tried (Bejewelled) is totally inappropriate for my skin tone (unless I want to look like a glamour girl....).

Revlon have also launched the ColourBurst Butter Balms. There are two shades, Invite Only, which is has an icy, blue tinge and Provocative, which has a pinkier finish. Invite Only (pictured below) looks kinda scary on first glance but the blue doesn't come through at all. 

They're almost like a thick lip balm that give a very faint shimmer and can be worn alone or on top of a brighter colour it give it a glossier finish. It's very waxy and feels really artificial but my lips feel SO soft and plump after I use it! Not sure if I like this one yet...
Revlon's ColorBurst Butter Balm in Invite Only

Revlon Nail Enamel in Seductive
Revlon's Evening Opulence collection is available to buy from September. What do you think of the collection?!

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