29 August 2013

REVIEW: Nip + Fab's Dry Leg Fix

Does anyone else suffer from dry, itchy, scaly legs? It seems to be the part of my body that suffers the most - even during the summer! I've tried every body cream, lotion and oil on the market and nothing seems to help soften the skin on my legs for longer than a few hours. 

It got to the point where I just decided to accept it as 'one of those things', like a weirdly shaped head or huge hips - you can't change it! And so, when I was sent the Dry Leg Fix by Nip and Fab I left it in my beauty cupboard, untouched for a good few months. Nip + Fab are known for making pretty outlandish claims and promises (Tummy Fix in a tube anyone...?!) so I didn't have high hopes.

But then I started using it properly last week and have noticed a HUGE difference to the appearance of my skin! It's no longer flaky and itchy and always feels incredibly smooth! It also absorbs really quickly and gives legs a really nice sheen (you could use it before a night out). The texture is thick but doesn't leave any sticky residue. To get maximum results I'll use the Dry Leg Fix in the morning and again before bed. 

If you also suffer from dry skin or chicken-leg syndrome then I'd recommend giving this a go. I also use it on my upper arms and it instantly smoothes any annoying bumps!


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