14 August 2013

REVIEW: Garnier's Anti-Dark Circles 2 in 1 Roll On

I'm very tempted to change the title of this post to '12 hours of sleep in a tube' because that's the exact effect it has on me! Okay, so it's not going to miraculously make me feel awake and alert on a muggy Monday morning (that's what coffee's for) but it certainly does make me look like I've had a good night's sleep! 

The roll-on has a cool metallic surface which de-puffs the under eye area, while the liquid concealer brightens and lightens those pesky dark circles. The concealer's very light-weight, almost watery in consistency, so if you're after something quite heavy-duty to cover extremely dark circles this isn't the best product. Mine aren't that dark and only look puffy in the morning so it does the job.

I've been using the Garnier Anti-Dark Circles Roll On almost everyday for about a year and it hasn't run out! UH-MAZING value, no?!  It also has a slight shimmer which means it can be doubled up as a very subtle highlighter. I sometimes use it on the tops of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nosewhn I'm after a more contoured look. 

Sounds like a Holy Grail product, right? Well, not quite. As is the universe no product is completely perfect and this has one major flaw - the colour range is seriously limited. I have the Medium shade which would suit most Asian skin tones but it can look a little ashy when I'm tanned. There are four shades (very fair, fair, medium, dark) which is actually a lot for a drugstore product. Maybe I'm nit-picking! 

Give it a try and let me know if you like it as much as I do!

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