26 August 2013

Hair removal tips for pesky places!

So many hair removal features have tips and advice for getting rid of the hair on your legs and underarms yet they fail to mention those areas that no-one really likes to talk about. You know, the parts that you pretend are hair free - the areas where your boyfriend or husband thinks hair would never sprout out from (yeah right!) I think it's about time we get it all out in the open, don't you? After all, we've gotten to know each other well enough now to feel comfortable talking about this kinda stuff... 

As far as hair removal goes I prefer to stick to the least painful options so I'll never consider waxing or threading! What I use instead for my face and any stray baby hair is the JML Finishing Trimmer which is a great little portable trimmer. It's so easy to use and gives the same smooth finish that traditional threading would. If like me you have an aversion to any pain-related beauty treatments then this will be a real life-saver for you! 

It's like a very gentle, small electric razor that can remove hair from difficult to reach places or smaller areas like in between your brows. It's also worth noting that my facial and body hair is very fine and sparse so it wouldn't necessarily need industrial strength wax to lift it off! If your hair is very thick then you might be better off using this for those in-between stages when your hair is still growing back. 

What do you use to get rid of hair in awkward areas?!


  1. I'm glad you brought this up! We talk about so many awkward things on the internet, but this is not really talked about at all hahah

    I've been plucking, but it's really freaking painful - I even tried threading once and bawled my eyes out from the pain so waxing is out of the question for me too haha

    I've been looking into laser hair removal, at this clinic http://www.londonpremierlaser.co.uk/index.php 'cause I'm thinking the area is really small so even if I need multiple treatments, I'll be alright in terms of price, right? What do you think?

  2. The clinic looks good! If you pre-book a set of sessions they should give you a generous discount! Let me know how it goes :)

  3. Hi Sami!

    in regards to the JML finishing trimmer - is this ok to use on facial hair on the sides of the face? - ie sideburns etc? - i normally wax occasionally but hate the way it hurts and sometimes scars! - i was abit worried about this trimmer as does it leave a stubble,etc? - and how often do you have to do it? - thanks! xx

  4. Hi Fiona! I wouldn't recommend using it on areas like sideburns because there's a lot of hair... I only use it on hair that is thin and sparse. It doesn't leave any stubble at all x


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