28 August 2013

CELEBRITY: Celebs who look better without makeup!

When Michael Buble posted this picture of him and his wife just after she had given birth I really, really wanted to CRY. How on earth is she allowed to look so amazingly beautiful straight after giving birth? Surely that's the moment you look your worst, what with all that pain and placenta... Anyway, it made me think - do celebs sometimes hide their natural beauty in a faceful of makeup? What if they took it all off? Here are the celebs that actually look good without makeup (what would Hello! say?!)

Sonakshi Sinha
I have no idea why Sonakshi wears so much makeup when she looks this amazing without it. 

Kareena Kapoor
I've complained about Kareena's poor makeup skillz before. Luckily she doesn't wear much of it anyway. 

Priyanka Chopra
Well, with a face like that you hardly need much help... (I'm only, like, 1% jealous...)

When celebs wear too much makeup...
Deepika Padukone
It could be a heavy flash or bad lighting but Deepika is wearing way too much makeup here! She needs to blend the blusher in more and mattify her t-zone. 

Kareena Kapoor
Eeek... Another beauty crime. When will you learn Kareena...

Do you think some celebrities look better without the slap? Let me know!

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