15 August 2013

Beyonce's perfume is a BESTSELLER and here's why!

Did you know that Beyonce's Heat perfume is the bestselling celebrity fragrance of ALL TIME?!  There's a reason why...

Last summer I reviewed Beyonce's Pulse Summer Edition fragrance, which was a total letdown (it's bland, boring and is still sitting un-sprayed on my desk!) In complete contrast 'Heat' and 'Heat 2' are divine! Yes, they do have a sickly sweet scent, which would probably make fragrance snobs want puke into their Hermes bag, but I really like it!

The original Heat perfume is quite intense for a celeb scent. It's marketed as being very 'sexy' but the tonka bean, honeysuckle and almond macaron (yes, really!) notes make give it a sweeter, more feminine edge. There's a hint of musk and amber that gives it a bit more intensity but I'd hesitate to say it's seductive. Dior Poison it ain't. 

Heat Rush is a younger, fresher version of the original and it's probably one of my most used fragrances in the summer. There are a lot of fruit-based notes in it, including Mango Blossom and Blood Orange, which gives it that pungent, sweetness to it. Think of it as Heat's younger, cooler sister. In fact, I imagine every teenage girl in the country would like this. 

On a more superficial note the bottles are a complete nightmare; they don't fit with the rest of my perfume bottles, stick out awkwardly and take up too much space in my bag. Of course, in the grander scheme of things this is hardly a deal breaker... 

Both fragrances linger for ages after you spray it on and the dry down is a lot more intense than when you first wear it so don't be fooled. It's also aaaaamazing value for money. I've managed to track down 100ml bottles for under £20! Check them here and here

What do you think of celebrity fragrances? Does anyone else like the Heat perfumes?


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