7 July 2013

My Summer Holiday Beauty Kit

When I'm packing trying to squeeze in the tenth pair of shoes is rarely a problem for me. In fact, clothes and accessory packing is relatively easy - it's my beauty bag that I worry about! To put it into perspective I went to Bangladesh for two weeks earlier this year and packed the following: 3 cleansers, 2 moisturisers, 8 lipsticks/glosses, 4-5 blushers and bronzers, 1 makeup palette, 2 spot treatments, 1000 mini sample products, 3 fragrances/sprays, 3 hair oils and a whole load of other beauty bits that I really didn't need. And can anyone guess how much of that I actually used...?!

My beauty bag always lets me down and means that I don't have space for that sixth pair of shoe or an extra handbag, so now I've learnt to streamline my stash to just the essentials.

Multi-functional products
That dark brown MAC eyeshadow? Now a great bronzer/contouring powder AND an eye brow filler! Your faithful ghds - now used for curling too! There are so many ways to double up on what you already have and it's amazing how you can multi-task with makeup and beauty when you need too. PS- olive oil makes a great alternative to shaving foam!

Think big, go small
Mini beauty products are hideously overpriced and filing small, clear containers with your favourite prodz is a hassle, not to mention confusing (no one wants to be mistaking that expensive moisturiser for a foot cream... or vice versa...). I just grab some samples from the department store. It can be a bit daunting and some of the people behind the counters can be down right rude but if you don't ask, you don't get! Even small freebies and samples inside a magazine are useful for holidays. If anything you can test it out on your hols before buying a full sized version.

3 things you can live without...
Night cream
Shower gel/soap
Heavy perfume bottles

....and three that you can't
Lip balm
Does anyone else over-pack their beauty bag when going on holiday?!


  1. I always over-pack, because I want to be prepared for every possible situation!
    Conditioner is also a great alternative for shaving foam.

  2. i totally agree with multi-functional products. I use the ELF eyebrow kit in medium to fill my brows in, contour with and use in the crease of my eyes. Saves me so much time in the morn =)

  3. Thanks for the tip! x

  4. Good idea... must visit their website soon x


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