13 July 2013

CELEBRITY: Beauty looks from the IIFAs

The IIFAs are one of the most hotly anticipated red carpet events of the year. In fact, past IIFA red carpet (side note - it's actually green!)  appearances have launched come celeb's careers, marked some iconic looks and created an all-round media frenzy! Here's a round down of some of the hair and makeup looks that caught my eye this year...

Anushka Sharma
I've already aired my concerns over Anushka's lips, which have magically become bigger, so I won't go into it again. The rest of her face however looks quite nice! Her skin looks luminous and impossibly glossy and I love the contrast between her ever so slightly bare face and dark, dramatic eye makeup. Her hair looks good but a middle parting would've taken this whole look to another level.

Dia Mirza
There's not much to say other than Dia looks HOT! The twisty side ponytail is a refreshing, red carpet alternative to the plait and I know I said I hate brown lipstick but paired with this dress and her hair colour it actually looks really good!
Neha Dupia
I love how Neha mixes things up and always go for something different style and makeup wise but this is erring slightly on the side of bridal. The red lips compliment her outfit perfectly and I don't think she needed the gold eyeshadow at all. That being said she looks good and the hair gives it a bit of an edge. 

Sophie Chowdhury 
If there was an award for the best smokey eye Sophie would win hands down (this is probably the best smokey eye I've seen in a long time! Look at those lashes!) What lets it down is the awful hairstyle. The short, side swept fringe looks outdated and the tendrils on either side would be better suited on the playground. So close Sophie, so close!

Vidya Balan
I know a lot of you love Vidya, myself included, so it pains me to say she looks AWFUL here! The side plait could have worked had it not been for the frizz, the makeup is okay but the lipstick shade drains hr complexion and who still gets a French mani?! I need to lie down...
Sridevi maybe be much older than most of the Bollywood starlets at the IIFAs but this year she totally outshone every single one of them! I love the dress, her voluptuous hair, the red lips and nails - everything! Yeah it's a tad OTT but I love it!


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