11 June 2013

Summer Musthaves: Cream based makeup

Summer's here (sort of.... okay, not really but humour me...) and so my choice in makeup has shifted towards lighter, creamier textures. Yeah, yeah, I know you've heard it a gazillion times but swapping heavy powder blush and thick foundation for lighter, creamier alternatives can make a huge difference when the weather's hot. Think about it - the sunlight can either reflect off your face making it look all glossy and fresh, or it can make heavy powder and foundation that's seeped into your pores even more noticeable - which one would you prefer?

That's what I thought! Now, on to the products....

Liquid highlighter
Highlighters in general can be a right 'mare to use and there's a very fine line between glossy and glittery (we're going for glossy BTW). So how does one avoid looking like a disco-ball? Firstly, dot a small amount on areas of your face that naturally hit the sunlight, like the highest part of the cheekbones, bridge of your nose and the cupids bow above your lip. Then, blend it in with your fingers until you can only see a faint glimmer (this will magnify in the sunshine so don't assume you haven't got anything on).  The Inika Light Reflect highlighting creme has just the right amount of shimmer. 

Cream blush
Having only discovered the benefits of a cream blush recently I'm kicking myself for not utilising them sooner! Try dabbing Bourjois' Cream Blush  onto the apples of your cheek with your fingers for a really natural, just-went-for-a-jog glow, or, for a more polished finish, you can buff it in with a small stippling brush. 

Mousse bronzer
I love powder bronzer for creating sharp angles and contours on my face but a cream or mousse formula is perfect for getting a sunkissed glow. I like to blend Chanel's Bronze Universal in with my fingers because it creates a more natural look and then go over the contours of my face with a stippling brush.

Cream shadows
Cream-based eyeshadows are tricky to use because it can crease or come off really easily. What I do is apply a primer and neutral coloured eyeshadow first so that the cream has something to grip on to and is less likely to slip off in the heat. The Illamsaqua Cream Pigments have the most gorgeous, texture. 

What's your favourite cream-based makeup product? I need some recommendations!

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