27 June 2013

REVIEW: Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel

Last month I talked about my Spring Makeup Essentials and I mentioned the Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel. This is the bronzer I go to when I need a break from heavy contouring or powders, which is usually during the day or when it's really hot and I don't want my makeup to start cracking like a chipped china cup! It's one of my all time favourite products and here's why...

It creates a natural, healthy glow. I tend to slap the Bronze Universel on when my skin's looking particularly tired and dull and it instantly perks it up! On lighter skin this would be great for creating a really tanned, sunkissed look.

It's so easy to use. If you're always worrying about harsh makeup lines or fed up of having to spend ages blending and buffing products in then you need this bronzer in your life! Sometimes when I feel lazy I'll dab it on with my fingers for a subtle glow, or if I want a more defined, sculpted look I'll use a dense bristled brush (mine is from Sephora) to contour the hollow parts of my cheek and the sides of my nose. In fact, I find it so much easier to contour with a cream bronze, and it looks so much more natural.

The texture is DIVINE. I love how lightweight and silky this bronzer feels on my skin, almost like I'm not even wearing anything. On dry skin it creates a creamier, glossy finish and on oily skin the sheer texture acts almost like a veil over the shiny areas. 

There is of course a downside... Although the light, peachy-orange would suit most Asian skin tones perfectly, I think it would be too light on darker skin (argh!). Chanel isn't the most women-of-colour-friendly brand (although they are trying...) which is frustrating because it limits us so much. Bring out some more shades please!

The Soleil Tan de Chanel is £31 and is available from most beauty department stores.

Has anyone else tried this bronzer? I *might* do a video on Instagram showing you guys how I apply it. Sidenote: How great is InstaVid?! Much less daunting than YouTube and great for quick tutorials! Send me a request on sami_rahman


  1. I HAVE THIS and I absolutely love it!!! I wear it under foundation sometimes to give me a glow, and then add some on top. I always put a matte blusher just over it to set it and keep the colour. I really love this product! xx

  2. I'm a NC42 - 44 in MAC, do you think this would show up on me? Please answer..

  3. Hi hun... Chanel makeup isn't very suited for Asian, darker skin and this is quite light and orangey so I don't think it will have as much impact. If you really are interested in buying it try find a counter and swatch it on yourself but it is quite light and subtle, even on me xx

  4. Thanks for the response =)


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