21 June 2013

HOW TO: Drink more water

Water. How many of us actually drink eight glasses of this stuff? Celebs and experts are forever telling us that 2 litres of water a day can help improve our health, the quality of our skin and generally make us better, shinier human beings! But it's easier said, than done. I don't actually think drinking eight glasses is necessary - drink according to your body type, the weather, if you've been working out a lot, etc. It's really depends on your circumstances. Water has SO many benefits that I could spend hours listing all the ways it can help you but instead here are some simple ways to get more of into your diet. Because God knows it ain't easy...

'Eat' water
Thought water only comes from your tap or a bottle? Wrong! There are loads of fruits and different types of food that have a high water content, so you can consume more water without even realising it. Foods with a high water content are: watermelon, oranges, strawberries, soups, yoghurt, cucumber and pineapple. 

Keep a bottle next to you
Ever get the munchies an hour or two after meal time?! Whether you're sitting in front of the telly, at the office or out and about it's easy to reach for snacks and sweets throughout the day, but keep a fresh bottle of water with you and you'll automatically curb those cravings. I always have a bottle or glass or water next to me when I'm working or at home and I'll take a swig of it before I reach for a snack. By then my cravings have gone

Order more water
I drink water after every meal (when that meal's curry its kind of a given though!), but when I go out for a meal I'll treat myself to a Coke or fancy mocktail, but I'll order a glass of water too. This is because fizzydrinks and caffiene dehydrate you more and so I even it out by having a glass of water as well. 

Does anyone else find it hard to drink more water throughout the day?!


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