15 June 2013

Do you suffer from Hijab Hair?

I'd always assumed that wearing a headscarf would mean that the state of my hair would significantly improve. After all, I wouldn't need to blow dry it, curl it or straighten it any more, but how wrong was I... 

Two and a half months on and it has never looked or felt frizzier, in fact I'm still trying to get a knot out that appeared well over three weeks ago... Eeep. How did it get like this??! I got lazy. Yup, it seems that since I don't need to show my hair any more I've stopped caring about what it looks like. In a way this is good because it absolves me from all those hours I used to spend blow drying, styling, pulling, backcombing, tugging and heating my hair, which was inevitably ruining it, but that's no reason to stop caring for it! 

A lazy haircare routine (think bare minimum: shampoo and conditioner), paired with little or no sunlight, being constantly tied up and having no chance to 'breathe', has meant that my hair's started to lose it's lustre. So, although not having to care about my hair started out as quite liberating it's now become a bit of a nuisance (that three-week old knot was the final straw), and I've now started to pay a bit more attention to it. 

The first thing I did was bring back my weekly hair mask. My favourites are Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco hair mask and Dove's Intensive hair conditioner. Both are really rich and creamy so I only leave it in for about 10 minutes for an instant surge of moisture. Wearing hijab also  means having my hair tied back for most of the day, which isn't ideal for stimulating growth and keeping it healthy so now I try to leave it out when I'm home and in bed. 

Despite all this I have definitely noticed that my hair's become a lot thicker and volumised, and my natural curls have even started to spring back up (I thought years of straightening had killed them off completely!) In fact, cutting out heated appliances from my hair routine has really made a huge difference - it's grown so much and looks and feels much fuller. 

So I guess it's not all doom and gloom :- )

I wanna hear from the hijab wearers - do you get lazy with your haircare? I need tips to keep it looking soft and frizz-free!


  1. Most defo, I noticed wearing a bonnet really messed up the fringe area, my hair was thinning already. Now I wear a headband and its defo helped. I oil my hair and get a hair massager on it (silver thing with prongs lol). Also I only straighten my hair once a week xx

  2. Try wearing a silk or satin "bandanna" type scarf underneath your usual pashmina hijab & using a satin or silk pillowcase to sleep on. Because cotton absorbs moisture, hijab can frizz your hair and cause breakage. Adding this to my hair routine has made the biggest difference to health of my hair

  3. Cheaper alternative to the satin pillowcase - if you shop at lush they sell satin scarves which they use for wrapping bath bombs. I use these and knot it around the pillow xx

  4. Thanks Aliya and Hana - some useful tips... Must dig out my silk pillowcase!


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