18 June 2013

CELEBRITY: Faryal's bridal hair and makeup

There's been a lot of buzz around Faryal and Amir Khan's wedding in the last few weeks. I couldn't wait to see what Faryal wore, but of course it was the hair and makeup that I was interested in more than anything else! Let's discuss, shall we?
In contrast to her more traditional wedding hair and makeup in New York, Faryal went for an elegant, vintage-esque look on her Walima. The first thing that immeadiately caught my eye was the lip - I've never seen such a precise, red lip in my life! I love the colour (not too bright, not too dark), the finish (a modern matte) and the precise application. The lip is so elegant and classy and goes perfectly with her white, lace dress. 
Enough of the lipstick gushing, let's take a moment to appreciate Faryal's double, winged liner. It's unexpected, but gives it that extra touch of glamour that you wouldn't get with a normal flicked out liner. I love that she's also gone for a bare bottom eye line - it keeps the makeup looking modern and chic.

Some of you, on Facebook, have said that she looks too 'doll-like' and I agree, the perfect teeth, contacts, groomed hair - it's all very contrived , but I really like it. My only bug bear is that she went for a hairstyle that's almost identical to her wedding hair! It's a little uninspiring. Loose curls would've taken the look to a whole other level. 
For her wedding ceremony Faryal went for a more traditional, Pakistani look. The eyes have a very Arab-esque look to them (love!) and her hair's been pulled back into a quiffed up chignon. It's very glam and opulent - everything you'd expect a traditional Asian bridal look to be, but what ruins it for me is the heavy handed contouring. Faryal's face is naturally small and very slim way so it really didn't need to be so heavily contoured! Her nose is also naturally petite but the contouring's made it look even thinner, almost plastic! I also wish she'd gone for a bit more colour on the lip. I KNOW - beauty rules state that you should only have heavy eye makeup or bright lips - buut on occasions when your eye makeup is that heavy,  you need some sort of colour on the lip to balance it out, otherwise it just looks dull and unnoticeable.  

I can't find any high quality pictures of Faryal's mehendi  but as you can (sort of) see from this pic she went for a completely different, more natural look. Her blusher is a soft, rosy pink, there's NO evidence of heavy handed contouring and the eye makeup looks minimal, yet striking. LOVE.IT. 
What do you think of Faryal's bridal hair and makeup? Did it live up to expectations?!


  1. Ruhena Naseeha18 June 2013 at 22:24

    Agree with you regarding the contouring, also not a big fan on the mendi headpiece. Apart from that love the traditional bride and elegant walima look.

  2. My favourite look is actually her mehendi look. So beautiful.
    The wedding contour is a bit harsh as she has amazing cheek bones and a little subtle contour is all she needs. Her makeup was lovely for all occasions but my favourite is definitely the mehendi.

  3. i wasnt too keen on the heavy contouring either, she already has perfect features imo so she didnt need to have them sharply defined or slimmed..

  4. Interesting to hear you guys like the mehendi look so much! Wish I could get a better quality pic of it though

  5. I think she went too heavy on the blusher. It looks like she is wearing tooo much makeup - which Asian brides love I guess. I would go for heavy eye makeup, nude lips and leave the face bear or else it looks crazy much xx

  6. Love her Mehndi and Walima look the best :)

  7. She looks beautiful!xo

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