9 June 2013

CELEBRITY: Does Katrina Kaif need a makeover?

Katrina Kaif has been stuck in a beauty rut for what seems like the last ten years (okay, maybe not that long, but you get the gist...). I'm having a hard time trying to remember the last time she stepped out without her signature curly hair and nude lip combo. Yes I know - 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' - wise words, but when you're a celebrity, getting papped almost daily and appearing on the red carpet, you've gotta give the public something new, exciting and different once in a while! 

Yes she's beautiful, and yes, she does look stunning every single time we see her (grrr...) but what's the point of being a beautiful snore? Someone as pretty as Katrina can afford to take risks with her hair and makeup now and again. God knows what her makeup artist and hair stylist are thinking (easiest gig EVER?)
If I had the chance to style Katrina here's what I'd do....

I'd start by pumping some life into that hair. It's super glossy but could do with some serious texture and volume. Limp locks are fine for everyday but when you're making a special appearance something with a little more oomph would look so much better. 

I'd also swap her signature nude lipstick/lip gloss for something a little vampy, like a deep red, matte lip, which would look UH-MAZING against her milky complexion. And while we're on the subject of  vampy, glamorous makeup, some thick false lashes would really open up her eyes and make them look a lot more dramatic. 

The result....



SO much better, wouldn't you agree?! Oh, what a difference a bit of lippie makes!

What do you think of Katrina's hair and makeup? Do you think  she needs a makeover?!

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