22 June 2013

CELEBRITY: Ameesha needs a beauty intervention!

Has anyone noticed that Ameesha Patel's been looking slightly 'off' lately? Putting her recent fashion fails aside (that's a wholeeeeee other story...), her hair and makeup never seems to look quite right. In fact it's pretty horrendous. I reaaaaally don't wanna be mean BUT girl needs a serious beauty intervention...

This is actually one of her better looks. For starters her foundation is the right shade. But the shimmery eyeshadow + the shimmery cheeks + the shimmery gloss is way too much and looks outdated.

You'd think an actress who's made 100+ films would be able to get her foundation matched correctly. Her skin looks too pale and sickly here and her eyeshadow, which I'm assuming is a cream finish has creased pretty badly. And don't even get me started in the side fringe...

How can you possibly walk down the red carpet with lipstick on your teeth!? Doesn't Ameesha check these things, or at least have people to do it for her?? Her eyeshadow's also pretty poorly blended in and those eyebrows need a serious tidy, pluck and groom! *dies*

Smokey rock chick makeup usually looks amazing and super hot but here it falls flat for a two reasons: firstly, the peachy, matte lip clashes horribly with the green eyeshadow and secondly, the eye makeup is way too heavy and very poorly blended. Pair this with what could only be described as the world's most trashy outfit and you've got a recipe for a hot mess. 

Ameesha doesn't actually look too bad here. For starters her foundation is the right shade and her eye makeup looks good. I think a peachy blush could've brightened her complexion a bit more though. The eyebrows are still a hot mess.

Ameesha hair and makeup choices have been pretty awful lately but she has potential. Look at how amazeballs she looks here for instance! The green eyeliner adds a very subtle, chic pop of colour, her hair looks polished and glossy and her eyebrows look beaut! Now, if only she was a bit more consistent...

What do you think of Ameesha's hair and makeup? Is it in need of a beauty intervention?!

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