10 June 2013

Bored of Beauty? 3 Ways to Update your Makeup

Are you fed up of your makeup routine? I know I am! The monotony of applying the same products every day to create the same look can get tiresome. Sure, I'll add the odd pop of colour with a different lipstick but it's hardly ground-breaking stuff.... I get it, it's easier to play it safe, especially in the morning when you don't have time to re-apply makeup or wash off all that glitter you accidentally slathered on your face with one eye barely open (oops!), but, even a few simple changes can make a huge difference. Go on, give it a try....

Swap your black eyeliner for a brighter colour
I have about 100 eyeshadows in every colour imaginable but I never use them. C'mon, who's going to step out on the Central line at eight in the morning donning a purple/pink smokey eye?! But what I've learnt recently is that even adding a very subtle pop of colour to your face can create a new look. Sometimes I swap my black liquid liner for navy blue (very, very subtle, but so much more modern than black), or I'll swipe a bright green across my bottom eye line (looks beaut with a coral lip!)

Experiment with texture
Ninety per cent of my makeup is powder based and I'd always assumed that because I'm prone to the odd shiny skin I should avoid anything shimmery or creamy like the plague, but how wrong was I. Different textures can create new dimensions to your face and bring out bone structure you never knew existed! As long as you don't go overboard it can look really fresh and youthful. I've recently started wearing mousse bronzer and it just sinks into my skin making it look so natural, like I'm glowing from within. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and stick to safer options like powder but it can make your skin look very one-dimensional and flat, especially in the summer.

Discover a new brand
When I started buying 'proper' makeup I stuck to MAC and everything I bought was from there. I never gave other brands a chance because MAC worked just fine for me. Then, when I started working in beauty journalism I discovered a slew of new and exciting brands, that I would never usually consider. The result: I discovered my Holy Grail foundation, found an amazing mascara and fell in love with drugstore makeup brushes

Does anyone else feel like they're stuck in a beauty rut sometimes? How do you update your makeup?!



  1. I know what you mean about getting stuck in a rut with the same routine. I will often use my coloured eye shadows as coloured eye liners by using an angled brush to apply the eye shadow close to my lash line.

    I also love cream, mousse and liquid makeup as I suffer from dry skin and end up mixing lots of different textures and it gives so much more dimension to my face than just using powder, which is what I used to do when I first started out with makeup. Sheen xxx

  2. I was really boring with my makeup when I first started too! x


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