20 June 2013

Best Beauty Buys for under £10

I've never been the biggest advocate of 'Budget Beauty' but I do love a bargain and I love discovering new products. Through testing different products over the last few years I've been surprised by some that I'd labelled rubbish just because of their brand. Yes, their are some budget products that should never have gone into production, let alone made it to the shelves of Superdrug, but then there are some little gems hiding away. Lucky for you I've already discovered them....

Budget foundations have such a bad rep that I usually stay away from them, but I'm a sucker for novelty products and I really liked the idea of a product that could magically 'erase' blemishes and spots, which is what the Maybelline Eraser Foundation £8.50 claims to do. Like most drugstore foundations, the colour range is limited and the one I have is about two shades too light for me, but it is an amazing product and it actually does cover up imperfections, better than most expensive foundations
Sleek is one of my favourite beauty brands and I love that they're always releasing something new and different to the usual drugstore brands. The Sleek Pout Paints £4.99 in particular caught my eye. They're a lot cheaper than the OCC Lip Tars and have the most amazing consistency and pigmentation. I have about four tubes and love mixing them up to create different, unique colours! 
Speaking of pigmentation, the Barry M Dazzle Dusts £4.59 are also one of my favourite budget beauty buys. They come in a multitude of colours, all extremely vivid and  long-lasting. Similarly, the  Bourjois Little Round Pots £7.49 have amazing pigmentation and stay on for ages.  

I wear eyeliner almost everyday so I'm always on the lookout for a good bargain (who wants to be spending £20 every month on eyeliner?! #unpractical) so the Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner £2.99 is a godsend. It dries on application super-quickly, lasts all day and only costs three quid! The Maybelline Gel Liner £7.99 is also a cheaper, and maybe an even better alternative to the Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown versions. 
Topshop beauty products in general are hit and miss for me. Some of it I hate (lip pencils - urgh!), and some it I love ( the Topshop Liquid Liner £7 - a fine tip pen, ideal for getting the perfect flick).
And finally, the cheapest, bestest bargain I have ever come across - GOLD by Giles Lipstick £1. 
Yes, you heard right - £1! Granted the texture is a little waxy and smells very much like a plastic factory but the pigmentation is EXCELLENT and it stays on all day. I have the bright pink shade and it's one of the most gorgeous pinks that I've come across. Go on, buy one, and then get twenty for all your mates/sister/mum.
What budget beauty buys would you recommend?! Are any of mine on your list? And would you trust a lippie that costs £1?!



  1. is the foundation suitable for dry skin/very dry skin?

  2. I've almost finished my maybelline gel liner. I love it!


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