9 June 2013

BEAUTY DIARY: Magazine beauty freebies

Is it just me or have the freebies inside glossy magazines gotten much better lately?! This month Marie Claire are giving away a mini Ciate Caviar nail set, Elle, a self tanner by Rodial, and Glamour, who always go all out with the freebies, a selection of Models Co goodies. I don't use tanning lotions (go figure) but I can't wait to try out the Caviar manicure (no doubt it will probably end in tears and A LOT of mess). 

It's interesting to see that mags have picked up on the trend of beauty samplers and freebies as opposed to giving away handbags and vest tops, that no one with an ounce of fashion sense would be caught dead in, might I add. 

Did anyone else pick up any freebies this month?!

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