13 May 2013

Spring makeup essentials

Now that the sun's started to make a more regular appearance in the UK (pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee don't go!)  my makeup routine has taken a drastic turn. I think most of us prefer a more natural, glowly look during the spring and it looks so much nicer when the sun's shining! These are some of the products that I've been using continuously over the last few weeks (and there's not a single eyeliner in sight)...

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with blusher because it can sometimes highlight my already red/patchy cheeks. Sugarbomb by Benefit does the complete opposite! It has a very light, icy pink undertone, which means it might not suit dark or black skin, but on me it creates a really subtle flush of colour. It's packed with shimmer though, so go easy on the application.

Tinted Moisturiser
I NEVER thought I'd get into tinted moisturisers because they seemed so pointless - do they even cover anything? But I'd been going about it all wrong - they aren't meant to cover and conceal skin, they're meant to enhance and highlight. I haven't found a better tinted moisturiser than Laura's Mercier's one which gives just the right amount of coverage to make it look like you aren't wearing anything at all! It also stays on all day and gives my skin the most amazing dewy glow.
TIP: If you want even better coverage or a flawless finish apply it with a stippling brush!

I can't achieve that spring dewy glow with tinted moisturiser alone and sometimes when my skin behaves and doesn't look too shiny I like to add highlighter to the tops of my cheekbones, inner tear duct and cupid's bow 

Cream Bronzer
I'm a bronzer addict and so I HAVE to wear it all year round. But in the spring, and when coupled with very natural makeup my usual powder bronzers can look a little harsh, so I swap it for a cream-base instead. I've tried a few but nothing compares to the Chanel Soleil de Tan, which gives my skin the most beautfil, natural sunkissed glow!

What are your spring makeup essentials? Does anyone else struggle to find the perfect tinted moisturiser?!

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  1. love the post! totally get what you mean about love hate relationship with blusher, I'm the exact same way!

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