2 May 2013

REVIEW: The Clarisonic Mia

So, I know that I'm SUPER late on the Clarisonic bandwagon but I was debating whether it was worth investing £££s for a long time, especially as my skin isn't *really* bad. But then after reading SO many great reviews on it, in particular, the Clarisonic Mia, I was convinced that I needed it in my life ASAP! I picked mine up during the Boxing Day sales last year and have been testing it out since February. If you're thinking of buying a Clarisonic here's what I've learnt...

The Clarisonic Mia is a smaller, cheaper version of the original and in my opinion just as good. It's much more compact, can be used on holiday and weekends away without taking up a lot of luggage space, and, most importantly, it's a lot cuter!

You don't need to use it all the time. Apparently you're meant to use the Clarisonic twice a day, but in my opinion that's a bit excessive, especially when you consider that it rotates 300 times per second! The skin on your face is way too delicate for that. I use it every other day, which is ideal because it gives my skin a chance to relax without having something tugging and pulling at it.  

Don't expect perfect skin overnight. When I was younger I'd get really fed up with expensive skincare products because I assumed that they'd have an instant effect on my skin (in reality most products take 2-3 months of use before you start to see real improvements). The Clarisonic might not give you perfect skin overnight but I was really amazed at how much smoother, softer and tingly clean my skin felt after I used it.

Sensitive skin-suffers can use it... in moderation. My skin is combination so I'll use the Clarisonic on my t-zone for a bit longer than the rest of my face. The area around my cheeks are prone to redness and can be sensitive so I don't use it on there for long. If you're skin is extremely sensitive then the Clarisonic probably isn't for you.

Three months later... I wouldn't say my skin is completely clear and perfect, but those pesky dark blemishes have slowly disappeared, my skin never looks dull and although I might get the odd spot they're not nearly as bad as before. I used to get really horrible spots, usually somewhere very obvious and it would be obnoxiously HUGE, extremely painful, hard and  a horrible white/red colour (I know... Ewww). But since I've started using the Clarisonic my skin has become pretty much spot-free! I think because the Clarisonic cleans the skin so deeply there's little chance that dirt and oil can build up. It also means that creams and serums absorb much easier into my skin. 

Was the Clarisonic worth the investment? Definitely. I can't imagine not using it now and I'm really, really impressed with how it's managed to clear up and improve the tone and texture of my complexion. 

You can buy the (pink!) Clarisonic Mia here

Has anyone else used the Clarisonic Mia? Did it have the same effect on your skin?!

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